Panel Change and Relocation

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This was a fun panel change we completed in Atascadero, California for part of a family’s whole house renovation. The existing panel was outdated and worn out, as well as a fire hazard, with circuits that ran in cloth insulation BX cable. We abandoned the old panel and relocated the new panel to the adjacent side of the home. We also worked with our county inspector to ensure we extended our riser to meet the code requirements to have the proper clearance between the power connection and the roof of the home. Not pictured is the full house electrical renovation that followed this panel change. We are excited for this family to enjoy their new home!!

Fire Hazard Findings


Here’s a picture of a major fire/electrical hazard we recently found while providing an inspection to restore power to two trailer units. It may be hard to tell in this blurry photo but we discovered double tapped fuse bar lugs, wires that had overheated and had lost the protective sheathing. We were able to use our stop work authority and provided the necessary estimate to fix the dangerous issue.

Solar Design and Installation

IMG_2379 IMG_2381This is a recent residential solar project we completed in Paso Robles, CA. We were able to select a product and develop a design that works perfectly for this customer.

Give us a call today if you are searching for a custom solar solution!

Home Automation System Installation


We just set this Los Osos home up with their new home automation system. This system can be controlled through the customer’s mobile devices through the Wink app and/ or through the Amazon Echo we installed.  Among many features, this customer is now able to customize varies modes of lighting and/ or music for the home if desired, lock/ unlock their doors, open the garage door, and monitor all switches and emergency shut offs (ie: main water valve if there was a leak) via their mobile phones. When this customer installs their new windows they want to add the security feature that notifies them when a window or door is open when they are away.  Because this customer travels frequently, they would like to be notified if there is a carbon monoxide leak or any other smoke detection, and also have the fire department automatically notified as well. Along with heating and air conditioning controls, these are just a few examples of what this home automation system can offer.

Panel Upgrade

Here is a panel upgrade from 1950 to 2016. This retrofit was difficult due to additional units and meter location. We found a way to get away from an old-school electrical service wooden box to a more modern, safer electrical panel system. We also upgraded from 60 amps to 200 amps, allowing the customer to properly power the home. We believe the customer will enjoy this home and electrical system for many years to come. This home was located in San Luis Obispo, California.

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Commercial Lighting Transformer Replacement


Here’s a picture of a commercial transformer that we replaced at Styles for Less up in Paso Robles. This is a 480 volt primary transformer with a secondary 208 120 volt 30 KVA system. The transformer caught on fire due to debris falling inside of it. We installed a heavier duty transformer with indoor/outdoor ratings and mesh grills so that debris cannot fall inside of it to prevent this from ever happening again.